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The lastest from APM programs

The lastest from APMStations

BBC Headlines Module

BBC News Headlines

The new BBC Headlines Module ensures that your web audience will always get the latest news from around the world. The module is simple to implement, and with its responsive design and scalable display, you can choose the best for your site.


BBC Topline

BBC Topline

BBC Topline is a 90-second snapshot of the day’s most important developing stories. Enhance your morning news with the BBC’s global reach and international insight, curated for U.S. audiences.


Language Advisory – BBC World Service “Outlook Weekend”

Jun 26, 2015

This weekend’s feed of the BBC World Service program “Outlook Weekend” contains mature content.

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Program Update: BBC World Service, World Have Your Say for June 25

Jun 25, 2015



Program details for World Have Your Say for Thursday, June 25.
Broadcast time: 10:00 ET

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BBC Schedule changes – The War That Changed The World series

Jun 16, 2015

Please note the schedule change for the BBC Special series: The War That Changed The World
Both programs were featured on last month BBC What’s On and on BBC Monthly, please inform stations on the revised schedule date:

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Schedule Update: BBC World Service for Tuesday, June 2 at 1700 ET

May 29, 2015

Please note the following program change for BBC World Service for Tuesday, June 2 at 1700 ET.

BBC Special: The Elders Debate
a special program with Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson and Hina Jilani.

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BBC World Service Program Updates

May 28, 2015


Here are a handful of updates for BBC World Service programs

For Today, May 28, 1700 ET

Today’s editions of Global Business is now a second part to last week “Lesson’s to Medellin,” meaning that today’s advertised edition “Colombia’s Women Mean Business” will now run a week later on Thursday 4 June 2015.–lessons-from-medellin–part-two–colombia-s-women-mean-business

For Fridays from May 29 – June 19

For the next 4 weeks, Friday editions of HARDtalk (0400 ET, 1200 ET, 1700 ET) will be replaced with a new series titled “Talking Books”. Details of each edition follow.

Talking Books–germaine-greer

Martha Kearney talks to Germaine Greer in front of a live audience at Hay Festival in Wales for the first programme in a new series of Talking Books.

Germaine Greer has been described by one commentator recently as having reached national treasure status, she describes herself as a curmudgeonly old feminist. Neither gives any sense of the sheer range of her work, the brilliance of her polemic, the depth of her literary and academic research or her passion for nature reflected in her most recent book White Beech about her quest to restore a piece of abandoned farmland in Australia. Her first book, The Female Eunuch, caused shockwaves around the world and remains a best seller. Martha Kearney asks her why she decided to write it and whether now 45 years later she feels women are better off.–kazuo-ishiguro

For this week’s episode of Talking Books Martha Kearney speaks to Kazuo Ishiguro in front of a live audience at Hay Festival in Wales.

Kazuo Ishiguro has managed to achieve literary success with immense popularity amongst readers. He has won a Man Booker prize and been shortlisted four times. His novels have sold in their million around the world and have been made into highly successful films. His latest book The Buried Giant is set in a Anglo-Saxon England beset by ogres and dragons and is his first novel in ten years. He talks to Martha Kearney about some of the themes in his books as well as his highly individual prose style.–yuval-noah-harari

For this week’s episode of Talking Books, Anita Anand speaks to Yuval Noah Harari on his new book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.

Sapiens starts big from the very start – asking profound questions like – what defines us as a species – how did we come to be like this and what truly makes us happy. It is has been translated into over 30 languages and is now a bestseller in many countries around the world. He talks to Anita Anand about why he decided to take on such a mammoth task and questions whether we really are happier now than we were 15,000 years ago.–anne-enright

For this week’s episode of Talking Books Anita Anand speaks to award winning novelist Anne Enright.

Anne Enright was catapulted onto the international stage in 2007 when she was the surprise winner of the Man Booker Prize for her fourth novel The Gathering. Since then she has continued to rise and rise – this year becoming Ireland’s first ever Laureate for Fiction. Witty, warm, yet at the same time ascorbic and brutal in her writing, she rips up the rule book, crocheting with complicated timelines and weaving in and out of the secrets of her protagonists. She speaks to Anita Anand about the themes in her work; love, sex, secrets and Ireland’s tumultuous history.

For June 7

There will be an extra placing of the special program “The Great Charter” at 1100 ET, with a repeat on June 11 at 0400 ET

To mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, this innovative documentary-drama charts the fight for rights and freedoms in the 21st Century’s supra-state: the Internet. In 2020 the most powerful men and women in the world gather at Runnymede. Their purpose, the fusion of the G20 with the i5 group of information transnationals controlling the planet’s data and digital access. A communications system failure signals the start of an escalating cyber attack that will sow panic and disorder across the globe. From the chaos a new order could be forged. This is zero-day vulnerability.

Produced by John Dryden, Goldhawk Productions

For June 20

Transmission date change

The Weekend Documentary “Living on the Street” is being brought forward one week to Saturday 20 June

The Weekend Documentary: Living on the Street

An estimated 100 million people are homeless around the world. And those are the ones who are counted; a similar number are believed to exist outside official statistics. To find out what life is like for just a few of those on the streets, World Have Your Say visits five different cities – Los Angeles, Islamabad, Nairobi, Rio de Janeiro and London – to hear a series of intimate and revealing conversations–living-on-the-street

APM | Sat 18:06 rpt 23:06; Wed 02:06 EDT

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This Weekend – In the Balance Special: Climate Change – The Business End

May 21, 2015

On Saturday, May 23, BBC World Service will air a special edition of “In the Balance” on climate change at 1400 ET, with a repeat on Sunday, May 24 at 0700 ET.
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Program Description for today’s Newshour Extra at 1200ET: The UK Election – A quiet revolution?

May 8, 2015

David Eades and guests discuss the results of the most tightly-contested UK election since the Second World War. Read more

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BBC Program Changes for Live Election Coverage May 7-8, 2015

May 6, 2015

Thursday, May 7 is general election day in the UK. BBC World Service has announced changes to the program schedule for May 7 and May 8 due to special live election coverage.

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Localore: Finding America

May 4, 2015

AIR is searching for 15 creative leaders with ideas that will bring public media to every street corner in America. The winning projects will be incubated at public radio stations nationwide as part of Localore: Finding America, a $3.2 million production that seeds innovation units at public radio and television stations across the country.

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May 2 special BBC “World Have Your Say” broadcast on Nepal

Apr 30, 2015

BBC’s “World Have Your Say” is airing a special live program on Nepal this Saturday, May 2, at 0900 ET.

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