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2014 Holiday Programming

BBC News Quiz airs in all editions of Newshour on Christmas Day

Dec 16, 2014

On Christmas Day, BBC Newshour will feature its annual News Quiz in the second half of the 0800, 0900, 1500, & 1600 ET feeds. The quiz will begin after the bottom of the hour newscast at 08:32:30 ET, 09:32:30 ET, 15:32:30 ET and 16:32:30 ET and will run through the end of the show.

There will not be any funders or cutaways during the second half of hour. Stations in automation will need to change their automation.

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BBC World Service reports on jihadist attacks

Dec 9, 2014

On Thursday, December 11th, the BBC World Service, in collaboration with the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at Kings College, London publishes a count of the number of people who were reported killed by Jihadist attacks in the month of November. Read more

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ACTION NEEDED BY December 15: Subscribe to the new BBC Topline page/Extended air window

Dec 9, 2014

Beginning on Monday, December 15th, the air window for BBC Topline will extend to 08:45 ET. BBC Topline will be fed live with subsequent file transfer via Content Depot at 8:31:30 ET each morning (M – F) beginning on Monday, December 15th. Read more

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Newshour Extra: The Ebola Response airs Friday

Dec 3, 2014

The BBC World Service airs Newshour Extra: The Ebola Response Friday, December 5 at 0206 ET. Outlook Arts will be dropped to accommodate. Newshour Extra: The Ebola Response will air live and is available to download from the American Public Media Exchange in Content Depot on Friday, December 5. The program is available to air through December 11. This program follows the normal BBC World Service Clock.

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Additional broadcast times for Reith Lectures

Dec 1, 2014

Each year The BBC Reith Lectures, named after its first Director General, Lord Reith, gives a selected great thinker of this age the opportunity to deliver a series of lectures that are broadcast across BBC outlets worldwide. This year’s lecturer is the medical doctor and writer Dr Atul Gawande.

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BBC Topline: Mind the Gap

Oct 31, 2014

On November 17th, APM is launching an exciting new module. BBC Topline is an up-to-the-minute, 90-second snapshot of the day’s most important developing stories, delivered by the world leader in global news and designed to fit into the bottom-of-the-hour break in the new Morning Edition® clock.

Use BBC Topline as the solution for filling the 8:31 ET break with vital content that gives your listeners the international perspective they expect. BBC Topline provides important insight into unfolding stories, at a time when you need it most.

Read the program Overview and FAQ .

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Additional Ebola news segment added to BBC schedule starting Monday

Oct 10, 2014

Starting on Monday, October 13th, the BBC World Service introduces additional editions of the program New About Ebola. In the program, Kim Chakanetsa brings the latest information about local, regional and international efforts to contain and combat the Ebola virus.

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Trauma program postponed one week

Oct 13, 2014

The BBC program Discovery: Trauma will air Monday, October 27th.

In a two part series, Dr. Kevin Fong traces the evolution of trauma medicine from the First World War through to modern day civilian emergency response.

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BBC Partner Hub – Backgrounder – Islamic State Funding

Sep 25, 2014

One key question we have when we talk about the rise of the so-called ISLAMIC STATE in Iraq and Syria, is where this group is getting its MONEY from.

As part of the international campaign to defeat the Islamic State, the US and its allies are employing a range of strategies to try and choke off the terror group’s FUNDING which is both extensive and underpins its expansionist ambitions.

Some experts say previous strategies, like that used against Al Qaeda’s finances, simply won’t work this time. Why not? The BBC’s Defence and Diplomatic Correspondent Jonathan Marcus explains: Read more

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NPR Clock Project: Marketplace Morning Report FAQ

Sep 19, 2014

In a move signaling public media’s shared commitment to its audience, NPR and American Public Media announced an agreement today that will make APM’s Marketplace Morning Report a daily feature during NPR’s Morning Edition newsmagazine. The change will take place in the fall.

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