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The lastest from APM programs

The lastest from APMStations

BBC Headlines Module

BBC News Headlines

The new BBC Headlines Module ensures that your web audience will always get the latest news from around the world. The module is simple to implement, and with its responsive design and scalable display, you can choose the best for your site.


BBC Topline

BBC Topline

BBC Topline is a 90-second snapshot of the day’s most important developing stories. Enhance your morning news with the BBC’s global reach and international insight, curated for U.S. audiences.


This Weekend – In the Balance Special: Climate Change – The Business End

May 21, 2015

On Saturday, May 23, BBC World Service will air a special edition of “In the Balance” on climate change at 1400 ET, with a repeat on Sunday, May 24 at 0700 ET.
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Program Description for today’s Newshour Extra at 1200ET: The UK Election – A quiet revolution?

May 8, 2015

David Eades and guests discuss the results of the most tightly-contested UK election since the Second World War. Read more

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BBC Program Changes for Live Election Coverage May 7-8, 2015

May 6, 2015

Thursday, May 7 is general election day in the UK. BBC World Service has announced changes to the program schedule for May 7 and May 8 due to special live election coverage.

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Localore: Finding America

May 4, 2015

AIR is searching for 15 creative leaders with ideas that will bring public media to every street corner in America. The winning projects will be incubated at public radio stations nationwide as part of Localore: Finding America, a $3.2 million production that seeds innovation units at public radio and television stations across the country.

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May 2 special BBC “World Have Your Say” broadcast on Nepal

Apr 30, 2015

BBC’s “World Have Your Say” is airing a special live program on Nepal this Saturday, May 2, at 0900 ET.

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Program Update for May 1 “Heart & Soul”

Apr 30, 2015

BBC World Service will be airing an alternate episode of “Heart & Soul” on May 1. The episode “God’s Atheists” will air in place of the originally scheduled “Indonesia’s Abortion Secret.”  Details follow:

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BBC Coverage of Nepal Earthquake for April 27

Apr 27, 2015

The authorities in Nepal say almost every soldier and police officer is now involved in the search and rescue operation following Saturday’s devastating earthquake. Nearly four-thousand people are now known to have died in the disaster — but it’s feared that number will rise.

The BBC has seven correspondents on the ground in Kathmandu, with more arriving today.

They will be filing live across all the World Service programs, but here are two options that you can add to your schedule in the coming hours:

World Have Your Say – 10-11 AM ET

Stories of survivors, rescuers, relief workers, and relatives of people caught up in Saturday’s massive earthquake. We’ll concentrate on Nepal but will also hear from India, and try and get eyewitness accounts from Mount Everest where climbers are still being rescued.

(The program may also look briefly at the ongoing conversation in the US following the death of another black man in police custody, this time in Baltimore. The funeral of Freddie Gray takes place later today, a week after he died and following daily protests in the city.)

The Newsroom – special edition 12 – 12:30 PM ET

The latest from Nepal in this extra half hour of the Newsroom.

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Schedule change: Saturday, April 25th (Weekend Documentary)

Apr 23, 2015

On Saturday, April 25 the Weekend Documentary is not available (all slots) the following programs will take place:

Saturday 25 April

1806 ET:  Tech Tent
1832 ET: Trending
1850 ET: Witness (rpt)
2306 ET: HARDtalk (rpt)
2332 ET: Science in Action

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BBC World Service “Assignment” – Language Advisory Alert

Apr 22, 2015

Please note that this week’s BBC World Service program “Assignment” will contain some foul language. Read more

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BBC program changes April 19 – WBC : Gunter Grass

Apr 15, 2015

Please note the schedule change due this Sunday 19 April at 1000 ET for a special World Book Club on Gunter Grass the distinguished German writer and Nobel literature prize winner.

Important: This program is running as an unclocked hour53’00”minute edition, please make all necessary arrangements for credit-lifting.

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