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The lastest from APM programs

The lastest from APMStations

BBC World Service

BBC World Service should play a bigger part in your 24/7 news day. Why? Because listeners value international news and the unparalleled journalism and global reach of the BBC. BBC World Service, BBC Newshour, BBC Topline, documentaries and specials, and now BBC Select – watch the video above to see how BBC can complete your news day. Then ask yourself: Are you getting the most of your BBC World Service affiliation?

“Desert Island Discs with Bill Gates” – BBC World Service special broadcast

Feb 5, 2016

Next week BBC World Service will offer a special broadcast of the BBC program “Desert Island Discs.” The episode’s guest is Bill Gates. It’s available for broadcast from February 11-24. Details below.

Program Description: “Desert Island Discs: Bill Gates”

Bill Gates tells presenter Kirsty Young which 8 tracks, book and luxury he’d want to take with him if he was to be castaway on a desert island.

Bill Gates sat at his first computer while still at school in Seattle, wrote his first computer programme aged just 13 and went on to co-found the company Microsoft, becoming one of the key figures of the technological revolution. In 2000, he and his wife, Melinda, launched the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has to date given over $34 billion to projects aimed at reducing health inequality around the world.

Born into a professional family – his father was a lawyer, his mother a former teacher who later became involved with volunteer work – he was introduced to the idea of ‘giving back’ at an early age. An avid reader as a child, he attended Harvard where he and Paul Allen developed software for the first micro-computers. The company would go on to achieve huge success with its Windows operating system.

By 1987, Gates had become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, then worth $1.25 billion. Consistently listed as the ‘Richest Man in the World’, he stepped down as CEO of the company in 2000 although he remained as Chairman until 2014.

Today his primary focus is his philanthropy. In 2010, Gates and his friend Warren Buffett announced the Giving Pledge, which aims to inspire the wealthy people of the world to give away the majority of their net worth to worthy causes.

Broadcast Details:

First airing: February 11, 2016, at 2:00am ET (replacing “The Thought Show”).
Duration: 49 minutes 30 seconds (23 minutes & 26 minutes 30 seconds) or 59 minutes including the News Bulletins, billboards & promos.
Broadcast window: February 11-24, 2016.
Download availability on from Thursday, February 11, at 09:00 GMT for 14 days.–bill-gates

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BBC World Service – America in Black and White

Feb 2, 2016

“America in Black and White”, a BBC two-part documentary, is available for U.S. broadcast now through February 25. Access it now, along with on-air promo, via the American Public Media Exchange on ContentDepot. See the program description below, and additional context from BBC World Service’s Senior Commissioning Editor Steve Titherington.

Read more

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Today’s edition of World Have Your Say (11:00 ET): “Iowa – Your Reaction”

Feb 2, 2016

Today’s edition of World Have Your Say (11:00 ET): “Iowa – Your Reaction”
With Ben James

Iowa has clarified and reshaped the race to become the next US President. We’ll check the pulse of America as the nation absorbs the results of the Republican and Democratic votes. Are supporters of the main candidates on both sides encouraged or downhearted by the result in Iowa? What about still undecided voters? And younger voters?

We’ll hear views from across the US and ask our guests and political experts what factors will shape the nomination race over the coming weeks and months.



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Special Broadcast – The World Debate: World Economic Forum in Davos – January 26

Jan 25, 2016

Please note that the World Debate from the World Economic Forum in Davos will air tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26, as detailed below.
Read more

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BBC presents – David Bowie: The Music and The Legacy

Jan 15, 2016

BBC World Service is offering the following special program on David Bowie.

Read more

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Language Advisory: BBCWorld Service – The Compass broadcast Jan 14-17

Jan 13, 2016

The Compass broadcast Jan 14-17 Read more

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Special World Have Your Say on David Bowie

Jan 11, 2016

Today’s edition of World Have Your Say will be a special on David Bowie. The program will air today at 11:00am ET, and will be available to download from the partners website for 7 days. Details below.

World Have Your Say: David Bowie
A special edition of World Have Your Say remembers music legend David Bowie, who has died from cancer, aged 69. We hear stories about David Bowie from around the world – from the people who met him, knew him and were influenced by him. Presented by Chloe Tilly.

Broadcast Details
First aired: Monday, January 11 at 11:00am ET.
Broadcast window: January 11-17, 2016.
Number of episodes: 1.
Programme duration: 49 minutes 30 seconds (23 minutes & 26 minutes 30 seconds) or 59 minutes including the News Bulletins, billboards & promos.
Download availability on from Monday, January 11 at 13:00 EST for 7 days–david-bowie

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BBC World Service: Program Change 12/25 – The Ghostly Voice of World War One

Dec 22, 2015

Please note the following Program changes:

On Friday, December 25 The BBC Newshour Extra will be replaced with a broadcast of “The Ghostly Voices of World War One”
Read more

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BBC special programming 12/27 – “A New Life in Europe”

Dec 18, 2015

Please note the following special program airing on BBC World Service the week of December 27.

“A New Life in Europe”
The story of one Syrian family heading for Europe in search of a better life. Read more

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BBC World Service: Schedule change for Dec. 16 (World Business Report)

Dec 15, 2015

Please note BBC will air an extra edition of World Business Report at 14:32 ET (the documentary is dropped) on Wednesday, December 16, for coverage of the US interest rate announcement by the Federal Reserve.

This means that all editions of World Business Report at 13:32/13:50/14:32/17:32 ET will be live.

If you have any questions please contact your APM Station Representative.

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