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About American Public Media

About American Public Media

American Public Media is one of the nation's premier public radio organizations. Some 20 national programs and specials, including A Prairie Home Companion®, Marketplace®, Speaking of Faith® and Performance Today® comprise the American Public Media portfolio. Currently, over 775 stations reaching nearly 16 million people carry our programs each week. Together with our sister organization Minnesota Public Radio, American Public Media is the largest station-based producer in the industry.

Launched in July 2004, American Public Media replaced an arrangement with a third-party distributor of Minnesota Public Radio's national content. The new distribution system increases contact with our primary stakeholders and encourages more meaningful relationships with affiliated stations and their listeners.

Changing With the Times

American Public Media is a direct response to changing broadcast technology. Distribution of products and services in public radio has changed to the "content depot" model. Audiences are searching out content in a variety of new ways such as satellite radio and Web-based "on demand" audio that can be downloaded to computers and handheld devices.

American Public Media has a proven track record of innovation and responding to change. The new distribution initiative reflects this commitment, and positions American Public Media to impact successful radio programming in the future.

Bringing distribution services in-house allows American Public Media to better process station and listener feedback and more effectively connect the people producing programming with those broadcasting and enjoying it. It also frees up revenue to be reinvested into current programs and explore adventurous new approaches.

Local Focus, National Reach

American Public Media's sister organization, Minnesota Public Radio operates a 38-station regional network offering news and information and classical music services to virtually all of Minnesota and parts of surrounding states. Nearly 100,000 members support the network—now in its 42nd year—with financial contributions, which we use to further our mission of strengthening communities.

Our experience and success operating local stations and creating national programs provides unique opportunities for distribution. Day-to-day station activities such as membership cultivation and attracting underwriting and marketing are familiar to American Public Media representatives. Our knowledgeable staff responds to station inquiries promptly (within 24 hours) and knows how to provide solution-oriented support for any situation.

Most importantly, we know how audiences respond to programming at a local level.

Based on this common experience, American Public Media forges partnerships with stations across the country. For example, "Sound Opinions" is provided by partnership between American Public Media, and Chicago Public Radio. And, "The Story" comes from a partnership between WUNC, Chapel Hill, NC, and American Public Media. From Philadelphia to Phoenix, San Francisco to Savannah, we provide some of public radio's highest quality programs—now made even better by a direct line of communication between stations and producers.

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