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Public Radio Tuner® — iPhone™ App

What is the Public Radio Tuner?

With the recent launch of Apple's iPhone 3G phone and iPod Touch as well as the new App Store in iTunes, iPhone Apps are abundant for the over 3 million and growing iPhone 3G owners. iPhone Apps offer a great way for public radio to reach existing and new audiences on one of the most popular new devices in the country. The Public Radio Tuner was modeled after the many other online Internet Radio stream directories. It's a place where audiences can easily find and play the public radio stream from their favorite station or try out other stations.

American Public Media, Public Radio Exchange (PRX), National Public Radio (NPR), Public Interactive (PI), and Public Radio International (PRI) are working on the continued development of the Public Radio Tuner — adding more content and functionality for users.

How do I submit my stream or make changes to my stream?

Public Interactive is now providing station support for the Tuner. Visit the Public Radio Tuner Support page at to submit your streams for inclusion, or to edit your existing stream information. You can also view a list of all currently active streams.

The new version of the Tuner now supports Variable Bit Rate streams and .m3u and .pls formats (all MP3 formats currently hosted by Public Interactive).

Please visit the project Web site at to stay up to date on the project and contribute your ideas for future versions of the app.

Since the release of the latest version in early January, things have really taken off. The app has consistently been in the top ten free music apps, and has spent significant time as the top free app in the iTunes catalog of over 25,000 other apps.

How can I promote my stream to my listeners?

Below are promotional materials you can use to tell your audience about the Public Radio Tuner. Additionally, we have created a sample user instruction page which you can adapt for your iPhone users. As always, you can contact us to make custom promotional materials for you.
View sample user instruction page

Promotional Graphics
To save images, right click the image you wish to save and choose "Save Image As…" from the pop-up menu.

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Public Radio Tuner icons

High resolution image files

Download a .zip file containing higher-resolution images of the Public Radio Tuner icon and the iPhone images from the graphics above:
Download high-resolution .zip file

On-air promotional copy

"Introducing the Public Radio Tuner. iPhone users can now listen to [Station Name/Call Letters] for free via streaming audio on their iPhones. For more information on [Station Name/Call Letters], visit [URL]."