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Sign up for Station Update, our bi-monthly e-mail newsletter, to get information about our programs as well as tools and techniques to make your broadcasts successful with your listeners and community.

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Station Update

Quarter Notes

Keep up to date on the latest from American Public Media's classical programming with Quarter Notes, our quarterly e-mail newsletter. Get highlights, upcoming programming information and promotional tools.

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Program Newsletters

Many American Public Media programs produce daily or weekly e-mail newsletters. Sign up for these newsletters to stay informed on program news. Offer these e-mail newsletters to your listeners to keep them involved with the program.

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Newsletter Descriptions

A Prairie Home Companion Newsletter
A preview of the upcoming show, notes from Garrison Keillor, guest biographies, office chit-chat, and more. Delivered weekly.

American RadioWorks Newsletter
Find out about upcoming investigative and historical documentaries on the radio and the Web. Delivered monthly.

Composers Datebook Newsletter
Timely and engaging information about past and present composers and significant musical events. Delivered daily.

Future Tense Newsletter
News and information from the dynamic world of technology. Delivered twice weekly.

Marketplace Newsletter
Top stories from the day's financial news. Delivered weekdays.

Marketplace Money Newsletter
Stories, expert advice and information on topics and issues that affect your wallet. Delivered weekly.

Pipedreams Organ Notes
The current week's program, featured organs, listings of future programming, and exclusive audio. Delivered weekly.

Speaking of Faith Newsletter
Read host Krista Tippett's reflections on each week's program. Learn about upcoming subjects and discover "program particulars." Delivered weekly.

The Splendid Table's Weeknight Kitchen®
Inspiration for real midweek meals, including a recipe from Lynne Rossetto Kasper, supermarket tips, and upcoming program information. Delivered weekly.

The Splendid Table's Baker's Cronicle®
Recipes, tips and insider know-how on baking from Lynne Rossetto Kasper. Offered October through December 2006. Delivered weekly.

The Writer's Almanac Newsletter
Poems, prose, and literary history every morning from Garrison Keillor direct to your inbox. Delivered daily.