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Speaking of Faith

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Image Spots (Generic Audio Promos)

The following six image spots can be previewed here and are available for download in ContentDepot. To download these image spots, log into ContentDepot and go to the Speaking of Faith program. Under Speaking of Faith's "Promotional Materials" tab you will find these new image spots. Please refer to the number of the image spot below to access the spots you want to download.

Image Spot 1: (ContentDepot file 'Speaki8_000_PROM69322')
"Trust your own ears."
Image Spot 2: (ContentDepot file 'Speaki8_000_PROM69324')
"Listen for something deeper."
Image Spot 3: (ContentDepot file 'Speaki8_000_PROM69326')
"Don't expect a sermon."
Image Spot 4: (ContentDepot file 'Speaki8_000_PROM69328')
"The life of the soul; the life of the mind."
Image Spot 5: (ContentDepot file 'Speaki8_000_PROM69330')
"In it together."