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Marketplace Money


Marketplace Money pitch points:

Tess Vigeland:
  • Marketplace Money's host, Tess Vigeland, is a familiar voice to listeners. She's been in public radio for almost 20 years
  • She's not afraid to talk about her own money mistakes, trial and tribulations.
  • She's even carried her trash for you—as part of Marketplace Money's special series on the consumer economy
  • Go online and read her blog—that's devoted to all things money. She invites listeners to join in on the weekly conversation. What do you want to hear on the show?
  • Together, she and Chris Farrell answer listener questions about personal finance.
  • Chris Farrell continues with advice online—by posting a daily money question from a listener. You can find out his take on saving for college, buying a home, getting ready for retirement.
  • Contribute online at [Web site] or call [number]. Thank you.
More than just a radio show
  • Marketplace Money takes a pocketbook approach to politics and policy.
  • We tell stories from the perspective of our wallets, not always Wall Street or Washington.
  • We don't complicate issues. We make them conversations.
  • We capture the important economic and business news in a way that connects listeners—that is, to go beyond the Fortune 500 to those ordinary individuals who dream about making their own fortunes.
  • Marketplace Money looks at the way the week's major national and international stories will hit your wallet.
  • Marketplace Money goes beyond numbers and statistics goes beyond the financial headlines.
  • Marketplace Money is a show about cash, moolah, dinero, greenbacks, benjamins.
  • Marketplace Money brings you financial information in a way that's easy to understand, compelling, and entertaining.
  • Marketplace Money show for money grubbers, money pinchers, money masters, and everyone in between.
  • Marketplace Money is more than just stories about spending, saving, and investing—it is a show about our relationship to our paychecks, our portfolios, our politics.
  • Marketplace Money is a show about how our relationship with money influences the most important financial decisions in our lives — getting a job, starting a family, paying for college, saving for retirement, writing a will.
  • You can listen online and listen to archived shows, or download free podcasts on our web site.
  • There's also a Marketplace toolbox online full of calculators for retirement, to mortgage loans, lunch savings, home budget analysis, emergency savings
  • All of this takes money and resources to maintain which is all the more reason to contribute.
  • You will get more for your money.
  • Contribute online at [Web site] or call [number]. Thank you.
  • Marketplace Money provides solid, reliable information that educates listeners and helps them take control of their financial lives.
It's the weekend; do you know where your money is?
  • Have you looked at your check book lately, or credit card receipts?
  • Or maybe you're the type that balances your checkbook on the weekend.
  • Or maybe you're budgeting for your kid's education, or planning a vacation.
  • Or maybe you're working on your resume and looking for a job.
  • Whatever you're doing with your money this weekend, remember to set aside your contribution to [station].
  • You'll always know exactly where your money goes every time you turn on the radio. And you'll feel good knowing it's well spent.
  • Go ahead; don't assume someone else is picking up the tab. Take responsibility for your own listening.
  • Thanks.
Sound investment
  • It provides you with practical money advice on programs like Marketplace Money, but everyday you learn new things about the world, you keep up with the news, or you're entertained; essentially you're investing in lifelong education that's fun and engaging.
  • And I would say you're getting a pretty good deal.
  • And don't forget that your contribution is tax deductible!
  • Start investing today!
  • Contribute online at [Web site] or call [number]. Thank you.
Practical Advice
  • Marketplace Money really provides sound, practical advice you can use, from:
    • Buying and selling your home
    • Health Insurance & Health Care, and caring for aging parents
    • College Education
    • Managing (or staying out of) debt
    • Saving Money
    • Retirement
    • Jobs/Unemployment
  • The bottom line is being smart with your money usually means more money for you.
  • And because we have given you some smart advice along the way…perhaps saved or earned you some money, why not give some of your money saved back to us.
  • We promise it will grow and be given right back to you.