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Program Overview

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A two-hour weekly radio program featuring a full-length concert by a major symphony. Material is drawn from Europe's premier symphony orchestras, along with U.S. orchestras such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Cleveland Orchestra.

Host: Brian Newhouse

Length: 01:59:00

Number of Programs / Frequency: ongoing, weekly

Program Feed Schedule:

SymphonyCast is available via the ContentDepot. To get the program, stations must subscribe to SymphonyCast in the ContentDepot. Episodes are made available at the following time:

Content Depot File Transfer: Monday 9:00 ET

Program Web site:

Listener Inquiries: 800-228-7123 or 651-290-1212,

Broadcast Rights:
American Public Media partner stations must carry all programs in the series and each program no later than 7 days after the programs feed/availability in Content Depot. The producer reserves the right to offer the series to non-partner stations in select markets, upon first refusal by the American Public Media station, or in markets where a partner station does not exist. Each program must be carried in its entirety. No excerpting is permitted. Simulcast streaming rights are available for this series. See terms and conditions, described in the American Public Media Service Agreement (PDF). Prior to carrying this series, stations must confirm carriage (PDF) with American Public Media.