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Harvest Home: Thanksgiving with the Dale Warland Singers

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Over the years, the Dale Warland Singers have provided magical performances to listeners across the country. Drawing upon the archive of those live performances, Dale Warland and host Brian Newhouse bring old and new treasures to listeners for this autumn feast.

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Host: Brian Newhouse


Producer: Brad Althoff


Program Length: 0:59:00


ContentDepot:   Nov 3 at 9am ET


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Affiliate stations may carry this program unlimited times before November 29, 2008. The program must be carried in its entirety. No excerpting is permitted. Simulcast streaming rights are available for this program. Prior to carrying this program, stations must contact their American Public Media Station Relations Representative.


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Program Rundown:

TRADITIONAL: Simple Gifts (Dale Warland, arr.)
Linda Chatterton, harp; Nikki Christopher, flute

KEVIN SIEGFRIED (arr.): "Peace" and "Lay Me Low" from Five Shaker Songs

WM. HAWLEY (arr.): Not One Sparrow Is Forgotten

POEM: "Communal Global Day" by Meridel LeSueur
(Tom Crann, narrator)

STEPHEN PAULUS: "We Gather Together" and "The Old Church" from Prairie Songs

JOSEPH JENNINGS (arr.) We Shall Walk Through the Valley

CAROL BARNETT: An American Thanksgiving
"Webster," "McKay," and "Psalm 93" from The Sacred Harp

MATTHEW CULLOTON (arr.): My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
Linda Chatterton, flute; Nikki Christopher, harp

POEM: "Ode to Autumn" by John Keats
(Tom Crann, narrator)

STEPHEN PAULUS (arr.): The Road Home
Marie Spar Dymitt, soprano

CAROL BARNETT (arr.): By and By
Joel C. Fischer, tenor
Jack Nelson, baritone
Lynette Johnson, mezzo-soprano

STEPHEN PAULUS: "Pilgrim's Hymn," from The Three Hermits

Timings & Cues:

Total program time = 00:59:00

00:00 — IN "Christmas for me is…"
25:00 — OUT: "…from American Public Media."

25:00 — Floating break (:60)

26:00 — IN: MUSIC-Russell Platt: Pray to What Earth
59:00 — OUT: APM Logo

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Host Brian Newhouse

Brian Newhouse

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