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A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Hosted by Michael Barone, this is a live service of spoken-word and music (choral and organ) broadcast from the chapel of King's College in Cambridge, England. The 30-voice King's College Choir performs the legendary Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols service of Biblical readings and music.


Michael Barone


Brian Newhouse and Preston Smith


2016 program booklet will be available on the King's College website in mid-December.


1:59:00 with an optional cutaway at approximately 90:00 (3 second pause)

NOTE: American Public Media will provide stations with the option of carrying the (approximately) 90-minute program, along with a 29-minute package of related materials from King's Chapel. The breakaway opportunity will occur at the end of the service (estimated at ca. 90 minutes); host Michael Barone will say: "... This has been 'A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols', from Cambridge, England." There will then be a three-second pause for stations to break away if they'd like, or to remain with the rest of the program. The broadcast will continue with the final festive organ postlude from the Chapel service, and then be rounded out to 1:59:00 length by appropriate pre-recorded seasonal music from King's College. There are no other internal breaks.


The Choir of historic King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, England, led by Stephen Cleobury

program feed schedule

ContentDepot Live Stream on December 24, 2016 at 10am ET with subsequent file transfer

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Available approximately December 16th


December 24-25, 2016 - live broadcast December 24 at 10 a.m. ET

broadcast rights

Affiliate stations now have multiple options for broadcast. As always, you must carry the program on Christmas Eve, December 24th. However, you may carry this program live as fed on Christmas Eve or you may delay the feed to any time later in the day provided the broadcast is completed by 11:59pm local time on Christmas Eve, December 24. Additionally, you may record the program (or use the file) for up to one repeat broadcast on December 24 AND one repeat broadcast on December 25, 2016. This means that your station may air Nine Lessons up to three times at times of your choosing. The program must be carried in its entirety, in either its (approximately) 90-minute or full two-hour version. No excerpting is permitted. Prior to carrying this program, stations must contact their American Public Media Station Relations Representative.

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