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Terrible, Thanks for Asking


Two days after Nora McInerny's husband Aaron died, she celebrated Thanksgiving with her family.  Well ... maybe not "celebrated".  Actually, why would you do that?  Try to be normal when clearly everything isn't?

But every year millions of people do the same thing during the Holidays. This radio special will feature conversations with Lucy Kalinithi and Amber Tozer, and some of the women of the Hot Young Widows Club on the challenges of dealing with trauma and loss during this sensitive season. Plus, stories of people's worst Holidays ever. That's for real. Worst. Ever.

5 Tips from Nora McInerny


Nora McInerny


Hans Buetow


59:00 in seven segments. There will be two internal (:59) floating breaks, and the program is newscast-compatible. Please refer to the Rundown for full details.

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Terrible_000_PROM93786454.mp3 - rough cut of Program Segment 01
Terrible_000_PROM93786520.mp3 - rough cut of Program Segment 02

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