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Kaddish: Reflections on the Holocaust in Music and Words


"Kaddish" draws upon the reminiscences of Holocaust survivors, recorded in conversation with APM classical music host Mindy Ratner.

Each story is unique, and yet all contrast tragedy with a sense of courage, resilience, and serendipity, often in astonishing circumstances. The narrative is scored throughout with works by composers whose lives were, in some way, touched by the Holocaust. Featured composers include Gideon KIein, Luka Foss, Paul Ben-Haim, Ilse Weber and more.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is January 27 - the day the Auschwitz camp was liberated.

Holocaust Remembrance Day (domestic) is 27 Nisan - sundown Sunday, April 23 to sundown Monday, April 24. It was on the 27th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan that the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began.

This moving, one-hour program pays tribute to survivors, and offers audiences thoughtful reflection and beautiful music.


Mindy Ratner

Mindy Ratner is a host and producer on the Classical Music Service of Minnesota Public Radio, where she is heard on weekends. She began her career in public broadcasting following her graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working first for the local public television station and then for Wisconsin Public Radio. She moved on to stations in Cincinnati and Philadelphia before joining Minnesota Public Radio in 1983. In 1998 and '99, Ratner took a leave of absence to work as a music host and producer for China Radio International in Beijing. Her spare time is devoted to international travel; folk, ballroom and contra dancing; singing in the Minnesota Chorale; her two cats, and trying to stay ahead of the weeds in her garden.


"Kaddish" features approximately 30 minutes of music, and approximately 30 minutes of commentary, at a gentle, serene pace. Music is present throughout, with some pieces serving as interludes between segments.


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January 22 through May 1, with multiple airings permitted.

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