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Marketplace Morning Report (MMR) is the morning sister program from the award-winning staff of Marketplace. Bringing you the morning business news "for the rest of us" in the time it takes you to drink your first cup of joe, MMR is a great way to start your day. From 5:51:30am ET to 11:51:30am ET you can catch one of the seven eight-minute modules designed to air weekdays during NPR's Morning Edition. Tune-in to Marketplace Morning Report and get a head start on the day!


David Brancaccio
Ben Brock Johnson



number of programs/frequency

6 daily feeds, weekdays

Program feed schedule

Marketplace Morning Report is fed seven times each weekday through the ContentDepot. In the ContentDepot, stations must subscribe to the Marketplace Morning Report live stream they wish receive. Each live stream is unique based on content and host.

* - Feed I focuses on technology.
** - As of 9/22/2014, Feeds II, IV and VI are now fed as part of the "E" segment in the second hour (E2) of Morning Edition.

For more detailed descriptions of the seven live streams, please visit the Marketplace Morning Report Feeds page. Live streams are made available at the following times:

ContentDepot Live Stream:

Stations must subscribe to the live stream they wish to receive.
Marketplace Morning I - 551 ET*
Marketplace Morning II - 651 ET**
Marketplace Morning III - 751 ET
Marketplace Morning IV - 851 ET**
Marketplace Morning V - 951 ET
Marketplace Morning VI - 1051 ET**

*Tech focused feeds
**Fed as part of E2 segment of Morning Edition

promo feed schedule

Promo copy available daily via DACS

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broadcast rights

Available to all American Public Media affiliate stations. The entire program as fed must be aired live as each cast contains material that is only accurate when broadcast live. Excerpting of pre-produced feature elements is permitted provided appropriate credit is given to American Public Media's Marketplace Morning Report. National underwriting credits must air, either as fed, or read by a local announcer and must be adjacent or as close to adjacent of the broadcast as possible. See terms and conditions described in the American Public Media Service Agreement. Prior to carrying this series, stations must confirm carriage with American Public Media.