Pipedreams, hosted by Michael Barone, spotlights extraordinary instruments and performers in stirring works that display the variety and wonder of the pipe organ. The program has been a classical music staple on public radio for more than 30 years.

Pipedreams is available as a two-hour or one-hour show. Stations may carry the two-hour show or carry only the first hour as a stand-alone program. See the program clock for details. Contact your Station Relations Representative to find out more about these options.

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Pipedreams is available via the ContentDepot. To get the program, stations must subscribe to Pipedreams in the ContentDepot. Episodes are made available at the following time:

ContentDepot File Transfer: Monday 09:00 ET

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All promos are available in the ContentDepot for scheduled file delivery. You may also manually download promos at your convenience from the ContentDepot.


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listener inquiries

800-228-7123 or 651-290-1212, mail@americanpublicmedia.org

broadcast rights

American Public Media stations must carry all programs in the series, as fed or delayed, within 15 days of the feed, and may air an additional broadcast within the broadcast window. Pipedreams is offered as two distinct hours, and may be broadcast as a one- or a two-hour program. Each hour must be carried in its entirety. No excerpting is permitted. It is permissible to broadcast only hour one, but the second hour must be carried following (and not without) the first. Simulcast streaming rights are available for this program. See terms and conditions described in the American Public Media Service Agreement. Prior to carrying this series, stations must confirm carriage with American Public Media.

cds and transcripts

Current and archive audio files and program rundowns are available on the Pipedreams website: www.pipedreams.org.

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On January 3, 1982, the first nationally syndicated broadcast of Pipedreams took to the air on 64 stations and it "struck a chord" with listeners. That number has grown to more than 130 stations with more than 175,000 people tuned in to Pipedreams each week.

Source: Audience estimates are copyright Nielsen Audio Nationwide, Spring 2013.

Featured Audio

Pipedreams: In Praise and Thanksgiving
Show introduction and J.S. BACH: Sinfonia, from Cantata No. 29 (Wir danken dir, Gott) - Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Ton Koopman.