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This five-minute radio gem is a listener favorite. Listeners across the country tune in each day as host Garrison Keillor recounts the highlights of that day in history and reads a short poem or two.


Garrison Keillor



number of programs/frequency

Ongoing, daily, 365 days a year

Program feed schedule

The Writer's Almanac is available via the ContentDepot. To get the program, stations must subscribe to The Writer's Almanac in the ContentDepot.

ContentDepot Delivery Time: Monday 0:00 ET

Each feed contains seven modules for Monday through Sunday of the current week. The exact length is noted in the program rundown.

Daily modules are exactly five minutes in length.

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listener inquiries

800-228-7123 or 651-290-1212,

broadcast rights

American Public Media partner stations may carry any or all of The Writer's Almanac Programs an unlimited number of times on the air date (within the 24-hour release period for each day-specific program). No excerpting or editing of an individual program is allowed; it must be carried in its entirety. However, in multiple-station markets, the station currently carrying A Prairie Home Companion retains the exclusive right to broadcast the modules. Should the station currently carrying A Prairie Home Companion decline, it will then be made available to another partner station in the market, following American Public Media's standard policy of exclusivity. A service fee will apply to non-partner stations in addition to carriage fees. Simulcast streaming rights are available for this series. See terms and conditions described in the American Public Media Service Agreement. Prior to carrying this series, stations must confirm carriage with American Public Media.

cds and transcripts

The Writer's Almanac Web site,, offers audio clips, printed versions of each segment and links to related material.


The Writer's Almanac has over 2.4 million listeners each week on over 428 stations across the country.

Source: Audience estimates are copyright Nielsen Audio Nationwide, Spring 2013.

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