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BBC World Service offers a variety of digital tools to increase audience engagement and keep you informed of breaking global news.

BBC Digital Ads

Looking for ways to promote BBC World Service to your audience? We've created over 80 different digital ads for your immediate use.

Download Newshour, Topline, and general BBC World Service ads for your website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Customize them with your broadcast times using our guidelines doc.


BBC Social Media Assets

Sign up to receive daily social media cards by email – one each for Facebook and Twitter. You'll receive a confirmation email, followed by daily cards within seven business days of registration.

Each weekday, you'll receive Newshour "Quote of the Day" cards. Each daily email includes the social media cards (images or video), a link to the corresponding BBC program segment, and suggested copy for use with that card.

The best part? You can customize the copy for your audience. It's a great new option for connecting global and local stories.
If the assets don't meet your social media needs or expectations, contact your APM Stations Relations Representative.

MPR integration of BBC Social Media Content

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BBC Text Alerts

In global breaking news moments,BBC World Service offers the best coverage for your audience. We know you need details as quickly as possible about what coverage BBC will be offering. To get programming information to you even faster in these critical moments, BBC World Service now offers a breaking news text service for its global partners, including U.S. public radio stations.

  • The service does not send texts of breaking news. You'll receive texts of what programming BBC will be doing in response to breaking news.
  • This service will exist alongside APM's official communication during breaking news situations. APM will communicate the same information via ContentDepot and email alerts, as well as include relevant details on program content and clock changes, break lifts, etc. as needed. The advantage of the text service is it will give you even faster word of what coverage plans are happening by BBC World Service.
  • It is a one-way communication channel. The texts will be coming from BBC's operations. They are not equipped to receive replies or answer questions. After receiving a text, please direct any follow-up questions to your APM Stations Relations Representatives and watch for Content Depot alerts.

What information will I receive?

When global breaking news happens that BBC is responding to, you'll receive a text from BBC World Service letting you know what programming to expect. For example, you'll receive a text that BBC World Service is going to rolling coverage, or a text about special programming and its start time.

How does it work?

Sign up for the text service on the form below. You'll receive a confirmation email that you are enrolled when the service is live in the new year.

I'm signed up, how do I change/stop?

If you are signed up and want to stop receiving the text service, please contact your APM Stations Relations Representative.

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Questions about carrying the BBC World Service? We're always available to answer any questions you may have about the BBC World Service and your affiliation.